The Diary

They had a training camp just outside Masham in Yorkshire, up on the moors. Its remains are still there; levelled terraces for huts and dug trenches for training. It has a certain eerie similarity with the  Roman sites around Hadrian's Wall.

Before the issue of uniforms.  Wilfred on the right in the hat.

These photographs were produced as postcards which Wilfred wrote home to his wife in Leeds.  Wilfred is the mustachioed Sergeant, rather less tall than his colleagues.  (My mum was only 5' 1"!)


The 16th Battalion, along with the 15th, the "Bradford Pals", were sent to France to fight in the Somme valley in readiness for the offensive that was to take place in July 1916. They were stationed to the south-west of the German-held village of Serre.  Other 'Pals' battalions were positioned next to them, such as the Bradford, Sheffield, Accrington 'Pals'.


From this time, Wilfred kept a rough and ready diary in a notebook given to him by his sister, Louis.   Go to the Diary