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Parade in Leeds before leaving for France. Wilfred, third from right.

The Diary starts with words to a hymn, in sister Louis' handwriting, then another ...
"Jesus shall reign..."
Then a dedication...
Given to Wilfred by his sister Louis (on) his return to France 17/4/16
Wilfred's entries start here... Arrived at Bus at 3am 19th April 1916. Went into (...)celles 20th April & into trenches at Colling Camp (?sic) on the 24/4/16.
Came out on the 28/4/16.
Lieut Wardle
Cpl Hart
Pte Beard
Pte PowerWounded 15

Men being killed was an everyday event for front-line fighting troops.

Photograph of a First Aid station in a trench.  Not the cleanest of places to have your wounds dressed.

Came from trenches to (B?...)court. ?Left for Bus on 6/5/16.
Charm prayer received from Maud 12 May 1916 whilst billeted in a barn at Bus-au-Artois.
Sent prayer to
1st day C Jackson
2nd day J Bird
Went digging at ?? trenches 8/5/16 all day and again at Colling Camp. Trenches on the night of the 12/5/16 returning to Bus at 1am.
Did nothing all day on the 13th but wash a shirt. 14th marched to C?...? and 15th marched back to Bus. All night bombardment of trenches. Stand to at 2am. 16th Fatigue at B?ertram court.


Charm prayer
3rd day Sgt Macauley
Charm prayer
4th Sgt Sheard
5th Mrs Bagshaw
6th Wilf Benson
7th Mrs Pearson
17th Fatigue at Sucerie finished 3am. Instructions of Charm Prayer finished.
18th Off Duty. Concert at night in camp. 19th Went into trenches and came out on 24th May. 3 killed and 9 wounded in 16 Platoon. 



Men ready to fight in a trench.

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