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Me at the harbour side in Enkhuizen, Holland Me in the pub in Heybridge Basin, Essex Me at the top of the Thorung La in Nepal, 2001

Wilfred's Diary


Private tuition - I offer rivate tuition in KS3/4 Science and Maths. I can do Basic Numeracy for adults.

Location- mainly in the north of Greater Manchester, UK. (Other locations by very special arrangement!).

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Trad fiddle - There's a page about music - mainly trad fiddle 'cos I play. If you need a fiddler for a band, a concert, St Patrick's Day - contact me.

I can give fiddle lessons - Greater Manchester and South Lancashire, UK - at very reasonable rates and venues to suit.

Fiddle pages

My Grandfather ,   Wilfred Sewell was killed in World War 1 and kept a diary up to his death.  I've put a few pages about him, his diary and the Somme here.

Wilfred's diary  
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